HONEY CITRUS CHICKEN BREASTS | from my healthy meal prep cookbook!

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You’re gonna love this easy chicken recipe! Juicy chicken breasts are nestled in a deliciously sweet honey citrus sauce. If you’re looking for a healthy dinner idea that the whole family will love, it’s this one!

In my healthy meal prep cookbook I have an entire chapter dedicated to meaty mains (dinner or lunch) that are just as delicious as this one. If you haven’t yet ordered my cookbook make sure to do that (link below)! 🙂

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Cookbook sneak peek
01:14 Prep the shallot, garlic, orange, and lemon
03:47 Lightly pound and season the chicken breasts
04:36 Sear the chicken until golden and cooked through
05:23 Make the honey citrus sauce
06:18 Place the chicken breasts back in the pan to warm through
07:13 Meal prep the chicken and place in storage containers
07:38 Taste test

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