432 Hz Music for Deep Sleep , Healing Frequency, Miracle Tone Meditation, Relaxation Music


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432 Hz music is an ancient tuning frequency, which has been lost for centuries. But now you can use it to heal yourself and your family!

Studies have shown that 432 Hz music, also known as ‘Miracle Tone’ music, is instantly calming and de-stressing and can reduce anxiety and depression. Listen to the 432 Hz frequency to quickly and naturally relieve stress and enhance your mood.

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• Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3ygAP2t
• iTunes: https://apple.co/3P2DR0Y
• Apple music: https://apple.co/3P2DR0Y

Hashtag: #Sleepmusic #Pianorelaxing #Rainsounds
• Our music function: Meditation, Relaxing, Sleeping, Stress relief, Healing, Yoga
• The sounds appear in the video: Rain sounds, Thunder sounds, nature sounds, water sounds, Birdsong

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© Music copyright owned by ZoRo Sleep Music
© Image and video copyright is licensed by Storyblock https://bit.ly/3nJQzq7
• Recording device: Zoom H6

Thank you for listening to our music, wish you happiness and all the best!

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