Weekly Workout Schedule For Women | Monday-Friday #fullweekofworkouts


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Weekly Workout Schedule For Women | Monday-Friday #fullweekofworkouts

In this weeks video I am showing you what a typical week of workouts looks like for me! I give an in-depth description and tips during every step of the workout and take you through step by step!

Here is the FULL WORKOUT:
Day One: Legs/Glutes
-Start with glute activation: TWO SETS: 15 pulsing (banded) squats, 15 banded kick backs per leg, 15 pulsing lunges
-Super-set one: Repeat all exercises back to back NO REST in between.
abductor seated forward x 12-15
abductor seated leaning back x 12-15
HEAVY Walking lunges x 12-15
-Super-set two:
FOUR sets of:
HEAVY leg press x 12-15
Banded Pulsing Squats & Jump Squats x 15 total
-Super-set Three:
FOUR sets of:
HEAVY Back-extension x 12-15
Stagger-stance deadlift x 12- 15
-Exercise Four: Heavy Hamstring curls x 12-15

Day Two: Back and Biceps
Start by stretching out your arms and back and foam rolling! (be careful if you have long hair though😂)
-Superset One:
FOUR sets of:
Crossbody cable Pull-Downs x 12-15
Cable Bicep Curls x 12-15

-Superset Two:
FOUR sets of:
Seated Rowing Machine x 12-15
Straight Bar Bicep Curl x 12- 15

Superset Three:
FOUR sets of:
Single Arm let PULLDOWNS x 12-15
Single arm, straight arm pushdowns x 12-15
Repeat circuit 4-5 times:
20 Push Ups
20 Plank in and out jumps
5 down and back sprints
20 high-knees

Day Three: Shoulders and Triceps
Exercise One:
Smith Machine Military (Over head) press x 12-15
‘Alternating’ Superset Two:
Tricep Extensions /single arm, straight arm pushdowns x 12-15
Superset Three:
FOUR sets of:
Single arm Lateral dumbbell Raise x 12-15
Single arm Reverse grip(palm facing up) front shoulder raise x 12-15
Single arm Dumbbell Flies x 12-15

Day Four: Legs/Glutes
Superset One:
FOUR sets of:
Hip Extensions x 12-15
Single leg smith machine deadlifts x 12-15 per leg
Superset Two:
FOUR sets of:
HEAVY Bulgarian Split Squats x 12-15
pause squats (or bench squats) x 12-15
Superset Three:
FOUR sets of:
HEAVY Bench Step-ups x 12-15
Pulsing banded squats x 20

Day Five: Chest/Triceps
Superset One:
Repeat Four times:
Reverse grip straight bar Chest/Tricep press x 12-15
Single arm Cable Tricep Pushdowns x 12-15
Superset Two:
Repeat Four times:
Lying dumbbell pullover (DEEP STRETCH, YO) x 12-15
Lying DB Fly x 12-15
Lying DB Tricep Extension x 12-15
DROPset Three:
Chest press 12 reps per drop in weight. Three drop sets, THREE SETS TOTAL!
(So basically you will be doing the same movement 9 times total, with different weight. sorry drop-sets are hard to explain😂)

If you’re new here, Hi! I’m Liz. I am a 22 year old wife and mama! I am very passionate about helping you become your most healthy and thriving self, finding JOY and EMPOWERMENT through healthy living! And overall living a more vibrant life.
My channel focuses on all things Faith, Family, and Fitness related. I upload new videos every weekend.

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