WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK | nourishing dinner recipes & healthy meals for busy weeks!

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what I eat in a week, easy nourishing healthy recipes for busy weeks! enjoy! 🥰🌴✨ xx Cambria

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0:05 Monday ✨
1:53 this meal prep tip will make your Mondays wayyy easier!
3:42 Tuesday ✨
4:05 ease into your week with this simple & easy meal! + make a quick healthy dinner with me! 😋
8:12 Wednesday ✨
10:07 healthy cooking tips from me!
13:26 Thursday ✨
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14:23 from my heart to yours…💛
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avgolemono lemon soup recipe 🍋

1 onion
1 carrot
2 stalks celery
bring to a boil and once boiling add chicken
cover partially for 40 mins on medium heat
remove chicken after 40 mins and shred
remove cooked veggies + 4 cups of broth and blend
add the blended veggies back in + 1/2 cup of rice + let rice cook (about 15-20 mins)
once the rice is cooked slowly add some of the broth to 2 egg yolks + the juice of two lemons + the rind of 1 lemon to temper the egg yolks and bring them up to temperature without “breaking” the yoke
add everything back in together to make the soup and ENJOY! 🍋😋

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