25-Minute Back Workout For Women | Dumbbell Only Back Workout


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Get a sculpted back, defined shoulders, and strong arms with this At Home BACK WORKOUT FOR WOMEN!

Minimal equipment needed, this DUMBBELL ONLY back workout is perfect for strength training at home!

💪 The largest muscle in your upper body is your back — more specifically your latissimus dorsi (commonly known as your lats)! These are major metabolic muscles, meaning you BURN MORE CALORIES when you strength train these muscles.

This is strength training, so I’m encouraging you to reach for heavy weights! Choose something that challenges you — you should really struggle to do the last few reps (with good form). Our goal is to hit muscle fatigue!

✨ THE WORKOUT: 25-Minute Back Workout for Women (8 Best Dumbbell Back Exercises At Home) ✨

► EQUIPMENT: Medium to Heavy Set of Dumbbells (or a couple sets of dumbbells).
I’m using 12 lbs + 15 lbs in this video, but at home I’d be reaching for my 30 lb dumbbell for single arm rows.

►My oversized yoga mat is from Gorilla Mats (affiliate link): http://gorillamats.com?aff=5​​​
⭐️ Discount Code: NourishMoveLove

Follow along with the video above. I’ll coach you through this 25-minute back workout, counting reps, providing motivation, form cues and modifications along the way.

It looks like this:
✔️ 8 Dumbbell Back Exercises
✔️ 12 Reps Per Exercise
✔️ Repeat x3 Sets

1️⃣ Reverse Grip Back Row
2️⃣ Single Arm Back Row
3️⃣ Wide Back Row
4️⃣ Narrow Back Row
5️⃣ Superman + Lat Pull (Modification: Bird Dog)
6️⃣ Plank + Row or Renegade Row
7️⃣ Lying Overhead Dumbbell Pull
8️⃣ Bent Over Back Fly

00:00 Warm Up
03:00 Set One
10:45 Set Two
17:45 Set Three
23:55 Cool Down

► Cue up your favorite music, press ‘play’, and let’s knock it out!
Here’s my workout playlist: https://spoti.fi/32fRMuK​

❤️ Learn more about the BENEFITS of training your back (specifically for women) in this blog post:

25-Minute Back Workout for Women (8 Best Back Exercises For Women)


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►How often should I do this workout?
It all depends on your current fitness routine and goals. I suggest 2-3 strength training workouts per week and 1-2 HIIT workouts per week.

Try adding this workout to your workout routine once a week (as an upper body strength workout).
A well-rounded fitness plan will include a variety of workouts. Download one of my FREE Home Workout Plans (all with full Youtube videos!): https://www.nourishmovelove.com/category/workouts/move-blog/workout-calendars/

►🤰Is this workout Pregnancy-Friendly? YES, modify as needed! Sub the Superman Lat Pull with Bird Dog and add an incline to plank + row (place hands/weights on a chair or bench).

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