15 Min Lower Belly Tabata Fat Burn For Beginners | Do this Everyday to Lose Weight


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We HAD to bring back the girls for a beginner TABATA workout, and they did not disappoint!

Todays workout is a full body Tabata Workout. It is 15 mins long and tons of fun! Make sure to take this workout at your own pace- there is no need to rush or do exercises that you are not yet comfortable with. Keep your body moving, and if you need to, replace exercises with walking on the spot.

Our goal today is to get our heart rate up and to have a great time!

I hope you listen to and take to heart the encouragement the girls give you today, you’ve got this

Connect with Kirra & Hully on IG
Kirra: kirra_obrien
Hully: the_brazilian_goddess

Warm up
1.hands/arms up march
2.side step wide arm openers
3.stationary big U with arms
4.double crunch pumpers
5.scissor taps

Tabata Time
1.reach up half squat step backs
2.jumping jack x2 to punch x4
3.pop squats
4.pull down kick outs
5.twist twist ball slam
6.half squat twists
7.hip bouncers
8.bicycle crunches
9.toe reaches

Cool Down
1.reach overs
2.hamstring stretch
3.calf stretch
4.quad stretch
5.deep breaths

Workout Stats
Apple Watch Setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 160
Level of Intensity: 7/10
Sweat Level 8/10

Youve got this!

If you read this description all the way through, make sure to leave a comment below whether you would like for me to do more workouts with the girls and what you liked most about this workout!

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