A WEEK OF WORKOUTS // My Workout Routine // Female Calisthenics, Bouldering & Handstand Practice


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I often get asked how often I train and what type of exercise I do, which is hard to answer because it is super varied. There are some things (such as some calisthenics skills that I work on regularly) but otherwise I am super flexible with my training and love to try new things. I think if I made one of these videos each week it would be totally different (this year I am even doing roller skating, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, more running and some resistance training… the list truly does go on). I just really love movement and while I wouldn’t say I exercise everyday I definitely move in some way everyday even if that is just meandering my way to the grocery store! I hope you enjoy and it inspires you to try something new! ❤️

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00:00 Intro to my week of workouts and my thoughts on exercise
04:19 Training at the calisthenics park and how I learn new skills I am scared to do
07:24 Training my calisthenics skills (pull ups, push ups, dips and handstands)
09:15 My goals with running and improving my 5km time
09:14 A chance to move my body, lower body training and calisthenics playtime
14:55 Bouldering
17:10 Handstand practice at home
18:29 Summary of my week of training and rest days

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