Standing Yoga Postures with Julie Gudmestad


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Yoga 2.0: Julie Gudmestad Anatomy-Based Yoga Teaching – Show Your Hamstrings Some Love – Part II: Standing Yoga Postures

So many people come to yoga as beginners with very tight hamstrings. If unaddressed, that tightness can significantly limit their ability to move. Spend some extra time working on your hamstrings at home, because that will reap benefits in many other poses as you continue to progress through yoga, learn more intermediate poses, and develop your strength and flexibility.

Watch and learn from this full episode — Yoga 2.0: Julie Gudmestad Anatomy-Based Yoga Teaching – Show Your Hamstrings Some Love – Part II: Standing Yoga Postures

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Standing hamstring stretches are good for beginners. Standing hamstring stretches are good for beginners because they are modifiable and accommodate their particular flexibility. They can easily be accomplished by using a wall or a chair to improve balance.

✔️ Connecting your breathing with your stretching. Connect with your breathing and exhale at the natural time of your stretch to let go of tension, and visualize your hamstring lengthening as you exhale.

✔️ Proper posturing prevents pain. Improving hamstring flexibility helps to restore good upright posture, and thereby helps to protect the low back from chronic or recurrent kinds of problems and pain.


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Julie has devoted her professional life to integrating the healing benefits of yoga with her medical training as a physical therapist. She has combined decades of patient care experience with 40 years of yoga teaching to develop a unique teaching style. She teaches workshops throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, often focusing on the anatomy of asana or the therapeutic applications of yoga. She owns a combined PT and Yoga studio in Portland, Oregon, and has published over 45 articles and columns in publications such as Yoga Journal and Yoga International.

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