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Scripps pediatricians Dr. Mackenzie Coffin and Dr. Daniel Lichtmann discuss the importance of establishing healthy eating habits for your children. Learn more:

1:00 – Why is healthy eating such an issue for kids?
2:15 – Why is it important to establish healthy eating habits at a young age?
3:29 – What are some examples of healthy food for kids?
5:00 – What is a healthy breakfast?
5:15 – What are healthy school lunch examples?
7:11 – What are healthy meal options for dinner?
7:45 – Can kids have dessert?
8:43 – Is ice cream a good source of calcium?
9:50 – What kind of cookies can I give my kids?
10:42 – How can I make cooking fun for my kids?
11:44 – What nutritional guidelines should I keep in mind when preparing meals for my kids?
13:23 – Should kids take vitamins and supplements?
14:34 – Can kids have fast food that is healthy?
16:20 – What happens if you don’t establish healthy eating habits for your children at a young age?
18:40 – What foods should you avoid feeding your children?

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